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'Home Improvement's' Debbe Dunning's new show taught her to be proud to be an American

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Remember Heidi from 'Home Improvement'? She looks hotter than ever 25 years later!

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She has two daughters, Spencer and Stony.

  • In her spare time, Debbe enjoys kayaking, skating, skiing, playing golf, and horseback riding.

  • While Tim and his other brothers frequently picked on Marty as kids, as an adult the two are close.

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Unlike Lisa, more of Heidi's life was explored in the series, including her marital problems and the crush Tim's son Brad developed on her.

  • Man can do nothing to achieve this righteousness, it comes only by receiving Christ's righteousness, freely given to all who believe on His finished work.

  • Quieter and more sensitive, Mark grows up closer to his mother Jill than to Tim.