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Should We Take Down the Jefferson Statue in Paris?

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Paris Years of Thomas Jefferson

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Jefferson in Paris: a founding father tale that's no slave to the truth

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Should We Take Down the Jefferson Statue in Paris?

Paris rose to fame due to a leaked sex tape in 2003.

  • Jefferson held four confidential talks with French consul Joseph LĂ©tombe in the spring of 1797 where he attacked Adams, predicting that his rival would serve only one term.

  • The document's social and political ideals were proposed by Jefferson before the inauguration of Washington.

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  • A solution, although one too facile to excite enthusiasm, would be to propose the addition of a historical note at the base of every controversial monument.

  • Now we find Thomas Jefferson, American ambassador in Paris and later president, caught up in this turmoil: His statue was recently removed from the New York City Council Chamber.