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Unseen: The Boy Victims of the Sex Trade Pt. 1

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I was 14 when I was gang raped

When a kid gets sexually abused, the social workers listen to what he says and back up his complaint.

  • Over two years, it became evident to me that multiple layers of South African society were responsible for the epidemic of corrective rape and that bias, apathy and culpability ran deeper than I could have imagined: in educational and religious institutions, the criminal justice system, and even within families.

  • He was also a model and actor and was having a party.

The rape of men: the darkest secret of war

So, by having anal sex with another 14 year old boy, Lee would be guilty of a major offence which can, at least in theory, be punished by jail for life.

  • Homophobia is going to take time to go away, if it ever does.

  • As we are finally learning, the reality is much more complicated than the conventional-wisdom cartoon.